and content strategy 

for the AEC industry.*

*with a focus on sustainable practices and regenerative design.

A content strategy is a key resource in your business development toolkit.

1. It's drafting website copy that addresses what problems you solved, not just what you designed.

2. It's building a content bank that is on-brand and can be leveraged for RFPs, award submissions, and speaking engagements.

3. It's pursuing publishing opportunities that will establish you as a thought leader in your field.

Here's what I believe: 

If you don't tell your story, you lose it!

Designers, engineers, builders, and manufacturers ... your fields are more competitive than ever, and with good reason. Everyone is looking for an edge. 

That edge is attained through conscientious design, responsible sourcing of materials, better community engagement, better efficiencies, better project streamlining, better this and better that. 

You don't have to be better at everything, only better at communicating what sets you apart.

So, what does your practice bring to the table?!

A lot, probably. (Why else would you be in this business?)

But do you have the right messaging to promote all that work?* 

Are you pursuing the right avenues and seizing the right opportunities?*        

Is your name and practice synonymous with cutting edge work?*      

And do you have a content strategy that capitalizes on your strengths?*

*(Probably not, otherwise why else would you be here?)

I write website copy that tells a compelling story.

I ghostwrite articles that leverage your leadership and vision.

I partner with you to create content that clarifies your expertise.

You want to stand out. I can help.