I am a Minnesota-based writer and communications specialist with a learned passion for urban design, architecture, sustainability, the fine arts, and just about any discipline that is committed to improving the public realm and creating more equity in our built environment. 

As an independent writer I typically cover green building trends, energy policy, architectural design, urban planning, housing, transportation, and issues tied to climate change. 

As a freelance consultant and ghostwriter, I partner with design firms, arts institutions, and non-profits to craft stories and elevate brands. Whether such stories are told through the lens of sustainable development, smart growth, community engagement, design innovation, social & economic equity, or some combination thereof, I apply a versatile skillset and my years of industry experience to know your audience and find the right voice.

I am always eager to connect with established leaders and emerging visionaries in any field.

Contact me: justinrwolf@gmail.com

Featured Articles

Common Edge

The Subversive Urbanism of Pixar Movies

As it turns out, Pixar is preoccupied with the urban condition, and we’re all just poisoning and consuming ourselves to the brink of extinction.
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Common Edge

Rethinking the Role of Experimental Cities in Combating Climate Change

When considered collectively, the onus for solving our climate crisis is being left largely to municipal governments and private actors, making most solutions piecemeal, at best. But what happens when all related solutions can be applied within a single, controlled ecosystem, when environmentalism and urbanism are not at odds, but working in concert?
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Revitalization: The Journal of Urban, Rural & Environmental Resilience

Restoring Rondo: A proposed redevelopment in St. Paul reconsiders how to repair neighborhoods ravaged by highways

“Rondo will be a coalition of people, of public and private philanthropy, a composite of the very best of 21st-century thought. It will take something that’s not there now and create a model that other communities can use.”
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