Building your content strategy

If you don't tell your story, you lose it. 

Design and building professionals need a focused, on-brand, and evolving content strategy to remain competitive and relevant. 

The answer to that depends on your practice.

Maybe your firm has rockstars who should be establishing themselves as visible thought leaders in their respective fields. 

Perhaps you're looking to get that in-house magazine or blog off the ground but content creation is lacking. 

Or you're finally updating project narratives, sustainability case studies, and other materials for your content bank, but your marketing department is spread thin as it is.

In any case, having the right content strategy in place can be a critical resource in your business development toolkit.

1. What do we do really well but aren't communicating properly?

2. Why is the work we do important for our clients and the communities they serve? (and is that message getting through?)

3. And finally, what is something that truly pisses us off and how would we fix it?*

*Don't ask this just the once; make a habit of it.

This work is important to me, because it's important to you.

I love this industry. I love working with designers and builders to help craft their stories and polish their voice. I am eager to roll up my sleeves alongside visionaries to explore, research, and write about innovative built solutions that you are leading.

And as a working journalist, author, and LEED Green Associate, I speak the languages of sustainability, efficiency, restorative development, and regenerative design.

Whether the ideas for your content come to me pre-outlined, half-baked, or in their infancy, I want to learn more and help produce something great for your firm.

Learn more about me and my work.