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In Detroit, Architecture that Stands Out While Also Listening

Developed by Bedrock Detroit, City Modern, encompassing 8.4 acres and containing more than 400 residential units, is one of the largest new developments in Motor City history. About 22,000 square feet of ground-level retail space hugs the site’s edges, while modern, high-density residential buildings—both low and mid-rise—rub elbows with century-old Victorian homes (four historical homes were restored as multi-family rentals). Modest setbacks give way to sidewalks, and pedestrian mews form the s

Silver Bay Looks to the Future with AIA Minnesota’s Minnesota Design Team

“We’re all about growth—more businesses, more housing,” said Kirsten and Wes, a young married couple with four dogs. They lamented Silver Bay’s lack of a dog park and residents’ frequent inability to visit Black Beach due to the parking lot “filling up with tourists.” “Tourist dollars are doing more harm than good,” said longtime resident Jim, citing pollution and other environmental concerns. His demeanor suggested he was there as a check on the system. When asked if he shared the concerns of

School shootings are not a design issue

This one feels different, I thought to myself. A troubled boy in arrested development—legally an adult but not yet old enough to purchase alcohol, armed with an arsenal of legally owned firearms—stormed into an elementary school and murdered more than a dozen children. I was repulsed by the carnage, this senseless act of evil perpetrated on pure innocents. And yet in the ensuing days, I found a sliver of hope that this time—this time!—some sensible laws would be passed at the federal level that

The State of Mass Timber in Minnesota

This feature appears in the 192-page, 2022 ENTER print annual, available for purchase here. What’s old is new again: Mass-timber construction is having a moment. Since 2013, more than 1,300 mass-timber projects across all 50 states have been constructed or are now in design, according to the nonprofit WoodWorks. In the last few years, across select regions of the country, architects and developers of large-scale mass-timber buildings have engaged in their own “race into the sky,” with new world
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Art Criticism | Art History

“Remember That You Will Die: Death Across Cultures” at the Rubin Museum of Art

Memento Mori is the Latin-Christian maxim translated as “Remember that you will die.” It is altogether sobering and, in some perverted sense, comforting; it’s an epitaph for the masses—commoners and kings alike. It is also the subject of the ’s latest offering, of the same name, and although said offering is a modest one, this exhibition is, quite literally, breath-taking.
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